Remove existing dkim records, cli option?

OS type and version Debian 11
Webmin version 1.994
Virtualmin version 7.1.gpl-1

so, (i’ve had enough of dmarc/dkim failures, and) i thought i’d switch to rspamd for everything spam related (remove/replace spamassassin, greylist, opendmarc, opendkim) + disable virtualmin spam/virus checks.

i’m putting together a script for migration, since there are around ~100 virtual servers, and i was wondering if there’s a cli option somewhere to disable/remove dkim (records) from virtualmin cli ?

looked around virtualmin cli : disable-feature, virtual-servers, modify-dns, modify-mail , nothing there… maybe i’ve missed it some place?

thanks in advance.

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ok, so there is an cli option to remove all DKIM:

virtualmin set-dkim --remove-extra

hopefully this will do… ran at the beginning of the script, and later add rspamd created dkim records to bind

note] don’t try this at production servers, it’ll remove all DKIM records (based on opendkim selector). so keep backups around at all times.

Uh the DKIM keys are for the mail sending part, and then for other receivers to test if (your) mails are spam or wrong keys.

The antispam functions receiving mails ( incoming on your box) have nothing to do with that DKIM keys sofar i know?

It is for not going into spam boxes from your outgoing mail important to have DKIM keys and working right ones.

Test link with info’s

rspamd does dkim signing as well for outgoing. ( DKIM signing module )
so, i’m moving there yes, for everything “spam” (=antispam/dkim/greylist/ratelimit/dmarc) related :
incoming checks
outgoing checks
dkim signing/check
dmarc checks
spf checks
clamav scan
will only keep rbls in postfix (through postscreen), everything else goes away…

i’m considering all these “anti-spam measures” for any side(incoming/outgoing), maybe i didn’t write it clear enough…
and thanks for the link :slight_smile:

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