Remote API returns 401 authorization error

OS type and version: Ubuntu 20.04.2
Webmin version: 1.973
Virtualmin version: 6.16

I’m trying to run a simple list domains command on my Virtualmin server via the Remote API using JavaScript fetch api but I keep getting a ERR_ABORTED 401 (Unauthorized) response.

I’m sending the GET request with mode set to no-cors and Access-Control-Allow-Origin set to *.

I have also added basic access authentication containing base64 encoded username and password in the request header as follows:

headers: {
    'Authorization': 'Basic ' + btoa('root:some-password')

Accessing the url ‘
directly from the browser works fine and the JSON data is served after providing the username and password. I am sure the JS code that I use for fetching the data is working fine too since if I use the same code to request data from other APIs that don’t require authentication, it works fine.

How do I fix the (most probably cors-related) authorization issue?

N.B. btoa is a JS function that convert strings to Base64-encoded ASCII strings.

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