remote access to mysql via port 3306

Is it possible to allow users of virtual sites to access their databases directly via port 3306? if so, can remote users access them via SSH tunnels?

We have an external firewall on our virtualmin server, which is blocking 3306. Can we tunnel port 3306 to the virtualmin server, then allow the clients to access the database using their ODBC etc. tools?

In our case, the server has an internal address which is NAT’ed to an external on the firewall. What address should the clients use for the “remote” server’s IP address? The external address, or the internal actual address of the server?


you should use the external IP, the port 3306 will lead it to the sql server…

In addition, for the sites you wish to access remotely, you’ll need to go into Edit Domains -> Remote Hosts, and setup additional hosts the user will be allowed to connect from.