Release Date for 3.77 Virtualmin Pro?

Hey All,

The GPL version of 3.77 was released in early Feb. I know we normally get the pro version a little later but I’m not sure it’s ever been 4 weeks. I plan on doing some other updates to my hosting server and am wondering if we can expect 3.77 Pro shortly.




It’s not a difference between the GPL and Pro… but rather, the Virtualmin module on vs a packaged application in the Virtualmin software repository.

There’s additional testing and work that go on after the Virtualmin module is released on the site, before it’s packaged and made available in the software repositories. It’s not unusual for that delay to be a few weeks.

In this case, further increasing that delay was the fact that Joe and Jamie were at a conference this past weekend, and preparing for it the weeks prior. So, there’s been less time than usual to test and prepare the release.

It should be available soon though :slight_smile:


Hey Eric,

Thanks for the quick reply. I was aware of the extra testing and packaging vs the GPL release on I just wanted to get an idea on a possible time line. I understand the slightly longer than normal release date now. I’ll plan for my other patching later this week. If the Virtualmin update is available by then, great, otherwise I’ll apply it at a later date :slight_smile:



It’s been a tradition at to not post release dates, as this creates friction when not met.

Just hold steady, I’d expect that the new release should be available in the repos within a matter of days, or even hours as I understand it’s in the final phases of testing per a thread posted earlier on the topic.



subscribing as well :stuck_out_tongue:

yaaaay it’s out :slight_smile: