Reinstalled a cloudmin owned machine - now can't connect

**Host operating system: Ubuntu **
Host OS version: 18.04
Guest OS (if applicable): Ubuntu
Guest OS version (if applicable): 20.04

Had drive failure on a server that acts as my offsite backup. Reinstalled ubuntu and webmin.
Now the cloudmin host wont connect to the backup anymore. Checked passwords many times. The error is a key error.

“Re-fetching system status …
… done. New status is : Down - Invalid host key”

Which I thought was due to the initial “known keys” the system adds when you first ssh to a new system. But I’ve deleted all known keys in each users .ssh folder. Meaning for root and a sudo user. I can not find the offending key. I can ssh from cloudmin system as root and as sudo user to the newly install system with no issues.

Is there a key somewhere that cloudmin stores for each system it is n control of? I can not find it. Or does reloading a cloudmin controlled system require that system to be deleted from cloudmin and re-added since the key changed on the new install?

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