Reinstall or Reset Bind DNS Server Configuration?

I was trying to edit and configure Bind DNS Server. But now it’s look like there is no problem when I pressed start button in webmin. But I guess there’s lot error configuration when I set it. So I would like to reset BInd DNS Server configuration to default (like first webmin installation). May I? What should I do? Because my Domain has DNS Server but it’s not resolving till now :’)

Before I go further: Do you use Virtualmin? What changes did you do to your BIND config, did you only change zones, or also the main config?

Yes, I use. I modified Bind DNS Configuration, and then I copy paste the config file from other website to My config file.

Okay. Problematic zone files you can re-create by turning the BIND feature of the Virtual Server in question off and on.

About the main config: Please tell us what problems exactly you’re seeing, i.e. what error messages BIND gives when you try to start it.

Also please post the contents of all files you modified.

Please enclose shell listings in [code][/code] tags, as to preserve line breaks and monospace font. Otherwise they become nearly unreadable.