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I have installed the imunify360 Antivirus on my server. Its not working. Suggest any antivirus or install the same.

The last time I checked, Immunify didn’t have a Virtualmin integration.

It could still be installed as if the system had no panel at all, and I think it had its own optional, minimal GUI that could be accessed through a browser. But it did not have any way to integrate with Virtualmin. That may or may not still be true.

Did you follow the instructions for a no-panel installation? If so, how do you know that it’s not working?


We are not the developers or maintainers of that software, and I have never seen it. I don’t know how we could be expected to help with it. You should ask the developers of that software for help with it.

Our default AV in a Virtualmin installation is ClamAV, and we provide GUI support for it. It is quite resource-intensive, but it does work reliably and is reasonably effective at detecting viruses and malware.

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Ok, but we need some antivirus for our Virtualmin, can you pls suggest any antivirus which can protect our server from virus or malicious attacks?

That is pretty clear.

Do You have some problem with using ClamAV?

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Antivirus (any antivirus, not just ClamAV) generally can’t protect servers from most malicious attacks. The kinds of malicious attacks that servers face are rarely mitigated by antivirus software. That’s just not the vector by which servers are usually compromised.

Antivirus is among the least effective ways to spend your time when trying to secure a server. I won’t say it is completely useless, but it’s quite far down the list of things to do to secure a server.

But, you can certainly run any antivirus you want on your server. It’s your server. Virtualmin is not an operating system, it is a management tool, it is not preventing you from doing things on your server as though it were a normal RHEL/Alma/Rocky/Ubuntu/Debian server, because it is a normal installation of your OS with our software installed on it. We use standard OS packages wherever possible.

I think most of us use ClamAV to scan email to protect end users. I think it can do disk scans too. Check the documentation and do some searches.

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Speak for yourself, I never run antivirus on the server, Its uses too much memory. 100% of clients have antivirus protection.

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I don’t have a whole lot of faith in antivirus in general, but I run it anyway for the same reason.

It’s more enlightened self-interest than anything else. When clients’ computers get infected, they usually start spewing spam and/or malware, which inevitably comes around to bite me in the ass if they’re doing it through my server. So I configure the servers with the resources to handle the AV.


It’s not that horrible when running as a daemon.




So on my system its a big impact for what it does.

Well, it looks like about half a gig on both physical and virtual, which I agree is significant on a system with 4GB RAM. I spec mine for 16GB physical RAM.

Only two of the five servers actually need that much RAM; but I spec them all the same because the upgrade cost from the base package is trivial, and I’d rather have the RAM and not need it than need the RAM and not have it.


Clamav is using 2.2 gig here at the moment, our smallest sever runs 35 gig of ram so no big deal .

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