Refreshing Domain expiration status doesn't work with infamous Italian registrar

OS type and version ubuntu 20.04.5
Webmin version 2.013
Virtualmin version 7.5

The uber-horrible but inevitable italian hosting and domain service is known for its appalling, dysfunctional website and lousy services.

So it’s probably fair to say that whatever is going wrong here is their fault.

Nevertheless: it seems that Virtualmin cannot update the refresh status for a domain (registered with that has, in fact, long been renewed.

It first kept warning about expiration, now warns that the domain is expired - when in fact neither is true.

Clicking on the button doesn’t seem to be doing anything.


What does whois command output? Does it have correct Expire Date on the output?

Now that you made me notice, no it does not. It still indicates the expire date of February 2023. Astonishing.
Opening a ticket with them. Wish me luck

Good luck! :crossed_fingers:

By the way, you should always be able to transfer your domain to the other registrar.


Yes, I inquired with Namecheap, where all my other domains are hosted, but they don’t handle .it domains. Do you have any suggestions for a good Registrar that may work for me?

There are plenty. I think you could Google it easily and read people’s reviews first.

I know that supports .it domains.

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There are quite a few - try others in Europe (Ionos, Gandi) to name two I use and accept domain transfers with ease. Your most likely problem will be getting the current registrar to issue the code to enable the transfer. They all will charge (because the registration will be reset to the date of transfer)

It is usual to use their autorenewal facility - that gives you the extra few days of expired domain not being released protection