Reduce cpu and memory usage

What do you think about Integrating amavisd-new Into Postfix For Spam- And Virus-Scanning?

We used to recommend it in the very early days (like ~2005) before the built-in tools were mature. It has some limitations that make it less desirable for some users (you can’t be selective about how spam/AV scanning applies based on user/domain/etc.). But, it’s more efficient if you don’t care about those things and want all mail to be scanned the same way.

I think we’re likely to make some changes to the mail processing stack again eventually, as Dovecot has had Sieve support for a long time, and it’d make a good replacement for our currently used (but quite old and only barely maintained) procmail.

But, I like the look of Mailscanner instead of amavisd-new, I think. It seems to be actively maintained, has a lot of users, and is extremely flexible.

Worth noting that there’s not really much for Virtualmin to do with either Mailscanner or amavisd-new. They’re not user-specific and they’re generally going to be set-it-and-forget it. But, if we do make a switch like that it’ll get setup during installation and maybe provide some basic system-wide knobs.