Redmine install script & @reboot cronjob & mongrel ports


Does virtualmin store mongrel port which it selects for running mongrel instance on? I’ve tried to grep webmin config folder for several mongrel domains ports with no success.


I’ve only modified default redmine install script (serveral modified lines) and everythink works well but

&delete_mongrel_startup($d, $opts, “mongrel_rails start”, $opts->{'port});

won’t delete

@reboot … mongrel_rails start …

from users crontab.

In that line there is absolute path to users domain and rails folder.

I found this when I’ve moved my server from one to other location and my client was little bit angry when he found that his essential servis is not running (there were serveral same lines in crontab as I am running mongrel instances as sub servers of one domain).

Thanks for any idea suggestion.

Thank you.