Redirect my ip address to my domain virtual host

Hello, I just installed Virtualmin to test it out and it’s working great, i have a question how to bind the IP to a domain for sample i have IP if I open this IP it will redirect to my virtual host. try to search but can not find the answer.

thank you

You probably don’t have any records set up for it, that’s why it defaults.

In your VIrtualmin dashboard, choose the Virtual Server from the dropdown and then go to Server Configuration > Website Options. Just toggle the Default website for IP address option to Yes and the server IP should redirect to the chosen Virtual Server.

no, i have the records.

yes it’s right solution but it’s can not redirect automatically to my SSL i turn it on auto SSL redirect still not working any suggestion?

The SSL is a separate question versus allocating IP! Did you enable SSL for the site. You should post another thread.

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