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Hi everybody!

I’ve a dedicated server with 100 domains (more or less), one of this is “”.
My problem is this.
I’ve got a domain (not ‘registered’ on the webmin of my dedicated) , that we call ‘’.
Its A record, points to my dedicated server.
But when I open this domain, I’m automatically redirect to

How I can show a simple “under costruction page” before I configure this domain on webmin?

If the domain isn’t registered an A record isn’t going to help because it literally doesn’t exist to the internet.

You’d be better served to make ‘superbest’ a subdomain of ‘thebestdomain’.

Thanks for the reply Gomez.
How I can do this? With your solution, can I show a simple HTML page?

Again, if the domain is not registered then there is no way you’re going to get it to show up on the internet in any way, shape or form. If you could, then nobody would ever bother registering a domain name.

If you’re just using it as a test domain, simply make it a subdomain of ‘thebestdomain’. Then you could make a record pointing to it and it would work. The address would be ‘’ and it would work like a charm.

You will need to create an account for the domain in virtualmin/webmin than you will have your under construction page.

Just create a small plan about 1gb and add/remove features you want for it.

Your A record will than point to that account.

Also investigate on your Virtualmin server what is the Default Website. Any website on the server can be designated as the “Default website for IP address”. That means, if you create a holding page, make that site the default website, and then any website that isn’t resolved via Apache or NGINX by config file would default to that:

  1. Choose any website in the dropdown of Virtualmin
  2. Server Configuration
  3. Website Options


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