Redirect a subserver to a folder

OS type and version Windows 11
Webmin version 7.3
Virtualmin version 2.001
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I need to point domain/subserver “mymaindomain…ES” to “mymaindomain…com/ES”

My website is in two languages: EN & ES. The EN version is found at “mymaindomain…com”. The ES version is found at “mymaindomain…com/ES” - this is a folder within the public_html folder of “mymaindomain…com”. I created a subserver for domain “mymaindomain…es”. But I didn’t want the ES version of the website to be found at “ES.mymaindomain…com” - where the default folder for subservers is. I wanted the subserver to point at “mymaindomain…com/ES”, where the ES site is installed. How do I do that?

PS: “…” stands for “.” I guess the forum doesn’t allow links

Thank you

Virtualmin / The virtual server you want to redirect / Server configuration / Website redirects

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