RedHat 8 missing php.ini symlink

I have a new project … need to migrate 100+ websites from an older Linux server into VirtualMin

My team decided its time to take the plunge into RHEL8, so this is my first exposure of VM in RH8 … we have a number of systems (10-15) running VM on older RH boxes.

So, I do remember reading that only php-fpm will be allowed … thats Ok. But now I notice that while a version specific php.ini file is created (such as /home/lib-web/etc/php7.4/php.ini), the older symlink I am used to seeing, in this case it would be /home/lib-web/etc/php.ini, is NOT created.

As experienced php-fpm users will recall, only the system level /etc/php.ini file is used in the fpm environment, this user/virtual-host specific one listed above is never referenced by anything (as far as I know).

SO … is it a bug the symlink is not created?

and/or is it a bug the local php.ini file is created in the first place?

As I have been working hard for a year or more to get VM to play nice with SELinux in enforcing mode (my scripts are working well on RH7), I have a custom script that adjusts the local php.ini file security context to be etc_t … and my code was using that symlink to find the actual file :slight_smile:



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