Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 support

I would like to know if virtualmin support rhel 7 ? or not yet? If no when ?



Thanks for your interest!

While Webmin and Virtualmin don’t yet support RHEL7, we are working on that, and are making progress towards official support.

There are some pretty big changes in that release that we’re working on testing out – the default filesystem is now XFS, there were some pretty big changes to how the Apache config works, and the way networking works changed (which broke the installer).

We’re working on all that though, and hope to have official support soon!


So, we all gonna learn MariaDB? RHEL7 comes with it instead of MySQL… Gotta love politics in software


Learning MariaDB shouldn’t be a problem, it’s designed to be a drop-in replacement for MySQL. Even the filenames are the same (that is, they’re still named “mysql” and “mysqld”).

They also don’t want to break compatibility with all the web apps that use MySQL.

Of all the new things in RHEL7, that one shouldn’t, in theory, end up causing any problems :slight_smile: