Recurring upgrade problem

Whenever i upgrade with virtualmin, apache2-mpm-prefork keeps on getting replaced (removed) with apache2-mpm-prefork.

Is there any way to stop this happening? It’s been occuring for the past year or so.


Hrm, you said that “apache2-mpm-prefork” keeps getting replaced with “apache2-mpm-prefork” … what’s getting replaced with what again? :slight_smile:

What distro/version is it that you’re using?



While I’m a RHEL/CentOS guy, the following article may be of assistance in “excluding” packages from being “installed/upgraded” in Debian.

I hope this helps!


Hrm, I’ve never seen Debian change from prefork to worker mode on it’s own before… that’s unusual :slight_smile:

How is it you’re going about that update? Is that from the command line? From within Virtualmin?

And also, what does your /etc/apt/sources.list file look like?