Recommended firewall for Virtualmin and CentOS 7

I used CSF on my old web server, but have gone off it as it is breaking my docker container connection.

What about APF and BFD?

Or Firewalld that is now default with CentOS 7?


Does anyone have any recommendations and/or links to guides that help you set up on a web server?

Well firewalld was a lot easier to set up than I thought it would be:

CSF, Fail2Ban, BFD and APF are software what rely on iptables and expand/automate their functions.

You have two choices when it comes to Centos: iptables and firewalld and both work on Ceontos 7.
Personally i use iptables because i used them before so no need to learn all new stuff for firewalld. But for someone like you who is new and need to learn regardless of the firewall i would say pick one and stick with your choice.

Thanks Diabolico.

I recommend looking at FirewallD, it was actually really easy to set up and seems to make a lot more sense than iptables ever did (tho admittedly I never really looked into them as I used CSF).