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Hey Guys,

I was wondering if anyone knew If the install script for Ghost is only in the paid version of Virtualmin? I tried to install via Install Scripts - Unsupported to no avail

Help Please, I have a new domain I would love to install ghost on.


I can confirm that Ghost is not part of the set of scripts available via the Install Scripts page in the GPL version of Virtualmin.

I confess I googled the answer. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I figured as much, I have been using Virtualmin for awhile and thought I missed something in the last year or so. Been out of touch for a little bit.

Lookie here what I found -> Install script for Ghost blog 0.11 fails [#67385] | Virtualmin <- Not sure what this is though …

There are many Install Scripts that are only in Pro. They are difficult and time-consuming to maintain, and we have to encourage people to give us a little money somehow.

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Hello Joe,
I hear ya and I understand that, not a problem I was just hoping I can run it in docker and hopefully redirect. Thanks for your input.


Next version of Virtualmin makes it easier to setup proxy rules for other app servers or docker apps. It’s possible in current version but needs a few steps.

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