Recent change to owner permissions on new servers?


We’ve recently noticed a change in the behavior of new servers that we’re creating.

When installing (and subsequently using) Drupal & Wordpress sites on new servers, we’re running into permission problems, i.e., Drupal & Wordpress cannot create or edit any files.

Our existing servers are ok, so we’re wondering if something has changed in a recent release that we’ve missed or if we’ve somehow changed a config setting for new servers?

Happy to post server setup if it helps.



What PHP Execution Mode are your Virtual Servers running?

You can determine that in Server Configuration -> Website Options.

If they’re using FCGID or CGI, they should definitely be able to write to the files and dirs without a problem, there shouldn’t be anything that changed that would break that.

Let us know which PHP Execution Mode you’re using and we can go over some additional troubleshooting steps.


Hi Eric,

Thanks for pointing us in the right direction…

We thought this was related to the PHP Execution mode, however we checked the new server template and it was set as FCGID, however the problem was actually effecting sub-servers, and they were set on Apache mod_php!

Changed to FCGID and problem solved!