Receive Failed to accept licence : HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found during script installs

Hi, this is priobably something i have done to cause this. I had wanted to stop the server trying to create email servers for my sites, and so initially removed al lthe mail related modules, usermin created some errors at the time and so i reinstalled them all. I also messed with the DNS settings as i was having problems with them.
I was able to install scrips successfully, now i cannot. This applies to both new and existing servers,
The script is able to download and prepare the server but when it tries to install it gives the following error:

Failed to accept licence : HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found

I’ve tried several scripts, all the same issue.

Can someone help?


I can only see one install script where you could get that specific error (Zenphoto). Are you sure you get that exact error with other install scripts?

Hi Joe,

You are right, I get lots of different errors on lots of scripts. I’ve resorted to installing manually, which is a shame as this was the main reason for going Pro for me.
There was also a database and apache issue I found from a failed server install, when rerunning my config tests. To resolve I manually removed the server config file and Database.

All seems good now (except the installer scripts)

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