REAL Newby - install fails as below

Hi anyone,
I’m trying to install vminpro yet again on my rentaserver fedora5.
Webmin doesn’t want to know about it as an install “PACKAGE” and using the BSOD after several locating attempts for an install default location for the installer, this came up:

The installer in its current form cannot safely perform an upgrade of an existing Virtualmin GPL system. An upgradeable installer will be available in a couple of days. Continue? (y/n)

Checking for fully qualified hostname… Hostname cannot be localhost.localdomain. Installation cannot continue.] y bash: y: command not found


Any help offered should take nothing for granted: REAL Newby :slight_smile:

Thank you,


I was following your threads and having a hard time understanding your hard time.

In simplest terms log on to your server as root, upload the install script and let it run. For fully qualified hostname put in host="john" and domain= "" you can always fix it later in the netwoek module.

It should just run straight through for you.

Hey guys,

Dan’s right, though I suspect you’ll want to use a real domain name. Most systems, when you get them from a hosting provider, are setup with a domain name under the hosts top level domain (and that domain name will work forever, assuming it reverse resolves correctly–all of the hosting providers I’ve been with set this up on the box before they hand it over to you).

But, in cases where you don’t have one, it’s really easy to fix. (And I suppose we can add an additional question to the script to set it, if it isn’t set, though I wanted it to be non-interactive once the EA period is over, and the initial upgrade warning question goes away.)

Anyway, to fix this problem on your system, run:


Where “” is any domain you control. Doesn’t matter which. The ns0 is also arbitrary. It’ll be picked up by several of the services during install, and so should be something you don’t mind showing up in various places. It can be “primary” or “main” or “woohoo” or whatever you like. Or, if you wanted to look like a huge faceless operation, you could use “”. And folks might think you have a thousand servers and this one is number 915. In short, doesn’t matter what you call it, but by the time all is said and done, you’ll need it to be a “real” resolvable domain. :wink:

Next up, add it to the /etc/hosts file, using your favorite text editor. My entry on looks like: virtualmin

Note that all of this stuff can be changed later, and you can use an arbitrary name, as Dan suggested–no harm in that. It’s just that if you don’t want to have to do the work of changing it later, might as well get it right now. The stuff that breaks when you don’t get it right is usually pretty minor, though mail delivery can be a problem, as can the automatic name server setup in Virtualmin. Both are easy to fix, however.

Hi Dan,
Thanks for the response.
I did that and got that problem.

There is no option anywhere there in the install proc for that information. Don’t know WHERE to put it.
I simply let the install run and it failed until I allocated a directory - I made it /
Then got that error.

Was surprised long ago that Webmin couldn’t handle the job as a package.

ANYTHING in Lux can be a hard time for strangers. The black screen is no place for the unitiated.
E.G. I’m trying to teach a Lux user now forced into Windoze at work, about how vital security is.
INSTANTLY found a series on his machine and had to go to the BSOD to salvage it.
He was going nutz trying to follow the MSDOS procedures… like = /

He only worked on a beayutifully installed Gnome setup. Just a happy Lux user. Life is funny…



Hi Joe,

Thanks. Would appreciate it.
I’ve resent the last details I sent to you. Now with subject of Early Xmas

At 04:46 AM 17/08/2006, you wrote:

Forum: Virtualmin Questions
Thread: Anyone else been able to get Vmin to go?
Author: Joe Cooper
Posted: 2006-08-16 13:45:12.04574-05

Hey John,

The offer still stands, but you’ve gotta email me how to login to your box. I know I’ve had the information in the past, but I don’t generally store those kinds of details about customers servers.

Hi Joe,
'fraid it’s still a loooong way from (capital U)User friendly!

Did as above re hostname ( got this:

hecking for fully qualified hostname…
hostname: Host name lookup failure
Hostname is not fully qualified. Installation cannot continue.

What is really needed is a literal step-by-step guide for M$refugees with up-2-date images.
Would like to help as NOBODY is better qualified than me as a Newby! :slight_smile:
Will try and remember the most painful parts for a later "Newby Converts Guide" - if we can ever get my full system up and able to do that "simple Domain add-on procedure" … :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

For now, I just really, really need to finally get the system up on line.