Real Memory getting increasing automatically with multiple of Mb

i am using virtualmin vps for my magento project , My site getting down again and again and showing an error like cant cannect to mysql server , after restart the server site back to normal , after long time i am find that real memory getting increasing automatically with multiple’s of Mb ,
I tried some chagne in my.cnf , this issue is not getting fixed, Can someone let me know what i need to do .

getting same issue with other projcts hosted in same server,


What kind of VPS are you using? Is it OpenVZ?

Also, what is the output of these two commands:

free -m dmesg | tail -30


In addition to Eric’s (andreychek) quetion, how much RAM do you have delegated to your VPS and which operating system are you using?

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I am using ubuntu , for this issue i upgraded my ram from 2 gb to 4gb . and how can i find what kind of vps i am using .


With 4GB of RAM, that should be plenty… if it happens again, it’s not likely a RAM issue (though note that it’s fairly normal for RAM usage to increase over time).

If you do run into problems connecting to MySQL again, take a look at the MySQL error log, and see if it shows any errors or other helpful information regarding what’s going on.

One last question – what is the output of this command (it’s okay if it doesn’t produce anything):

cat /proc/user_beancounters


Thanks for you quick response on this , Yes it’s ok ,

But my last question is if there is more visiter on my site ( i have 900 user on my site per day) will this cause this issue to make mysql server getting down and again .
And we provide some hosting service too , Every project which is hosting under vps we are facing this same issue of mysql server getting down again and again, When i check the error log (please check the screenshot attached ) , i add some modification in my.cnf by no change .

Note : Current my Database size is 412 Mb , i just hosted only one site , but the ram using is shows like 1.5 used when i restarted the mysql server again it back to normal 412 Mb after some time any idea regarding this issue …


It’s normal for MySQL and other processes to use more RAM over time. In fact, that’s good, as it’s caching data It sounds like you have plenty of RAM available.

Did this command happen to output anything:

cat /proc/user_beancounters

Also, thanks for the MySQL error log information. Could you show a bit more from that though? It looks like any errors might be a bit before what’s shown here.

This command should show plenty of detail:

tail -30 /var/log/mysql/error.log



Hello andreychek i tried to run this cat /proc/user_beancounters command and it seems that this user_beancounters file is not found in server , how can i get this file ,

And output of this command tail -30 /var/log/mysql/error.log added in screenshot please check.

I don’t see anything too odd there… how about this command:

dmesg | tail -30

Does that show anything unusual?


Sorry for late response

Output for dmesg | tail -30 added in the file attachment

Please check this screenshot for my server status :


Hmm, I’m not seeing anything unusual in all the output… you appear to have plenty of available memory, and the kernel messages aren’t showing that it’s killing off MySQL.

If MySQL is still being killed off for some reason, you may want to take a closer look at the MySQL error logs.

You’d likely need to scroll back through those MySQL error logs a bit in order to determine why exactly it stopped/crashed.