Reading module config


I’m developing a Nginx Virtualmin plugin and Webmin module for my webserver. How can I read the config file from that webmin module so I can incorporate the paths I need into my virtualmin plugin?


I found it.


Do let us know how you’re progressing, I’d love to use it :slight_smile:

Where are you now in development?

I would really like it if the official people here would work on adding support for nginx.

The virtualmin plugin was working how I wanted it to. It effectively creates the site in Nginx so it is able to be served. I actually need to learn way more about Nginx’s configuration to do the Webmin module part.

It is a bit hackish at the moment. I assume Nginx is set up in such a way that it includes all site config files that end in .enabled and that live in a directory called sites under the conf directory. In fact, the Webmin module’s entire purpose for now is to just hold where the path to the root of your Nginx install.

This is a need based project really. I’ve never used PERL before this project :).

I should throw it up on Github and let people go at it, even though they could reproduce what I’ve done in a very short time.

Do it, throw it on github, I’m sure there are alot more people interested in this as well!

Hi Robert and Phantom,

I’ve been looking around everywhere for something like this.

Am writing a 20-part series of (video) tutorials for my blog …

"Set Up an Unmanaged VPS (4 Newbies) … The V-P-S Bible"

…and for one part had hoped to include a Webmin/Nginx tutorial. Only I’m having problems with the config.

Can I pick your brains? I looked on github but there is nothing relevant there yet. Indeed, I think this is a keenly wanted mod. I wonder how much Apache are paying Webmin not to develop it :wink:

Would really appreciate any help or advice to get this combo working.

My email is very similar to…

comment -AT- guvnr -DOT- com



Due to some hardware failure, I lost to plugin code I had been working on when I posted the original message. It wasn’t much at the time and I had decided to go to Apache/Passenger for my Ruby on Rails deployments.

However, with the recent release of Passenger for Nginx, my interest in restarting this plugin has been renewed.

So, development will begin again and be run at

Hi Robert,

That’s great news. Damn, only just saw this post - tx so much for replying … am coming over to Github now!

I’ve fixed some config path bugs
Better support for common nginx installation, you don’t need type any path.