Re-running SpamAssasin

I’ve imported certain domains from another server and I have a pair of inboxes almost full of spam…

There is any way I can re-run spamassasin on that inboxes so it can filter a bit of all that crap?


Unfortunately, there’s not a quick way to run SpamAssassin on an existing mailbox.

It normally works by each email being sent through SpamAssassin on it’s way into the server, and prior to it getting to your mailbox.

That said, after a little digging, I found a tool called IMAP Spam Begone, which is a utility designed to connect to a mailbox via IMAP, and move spam out of it.

You can find it here:

I haven’t tried it, but that does appear to be what you’re after.


By now I’ve gone the ‘isbg’ way. Running this command:

./ --imapuser USER --verbose --delete --noreport --spaminbox spam

It moves every “spam detected” message to the “spam” folder. But it is quiiiiite slow, like 8-10 seconds for reading each email message (running in local) and eating a bunch of CPU, because I don’t have spamassasin running as a service.

If you are running spamassasin as a service you should use the --spamc option, and it will expend from 1-4 seconds on each message…

./ --imapuser USER --verbose --delete --noreport --spamc --spaminbox spam