Re-do post installation wizard

Hi there,

I have just updated the latest virtualmin packages on my ubuntu. It requires to do post-installation wizard again which I completed. Without changing any settings from previous setup, using back previous mysql password. Will this affect my application that are running on the server?

I just realised I can skip the post-installation wizard setup (After latest Webmin upgrade configuration wizard).

Thank you.

NO. It shouldn’t affect anything…

It should not require you to run it again, if it completed.

You can skip it, as you’ve found in that other post.

What I mean is, I am using Virtualmin before the update. After the update, I run the wizard again. Does this affect my application that are running?

@ilouie mention that it shouldn’t affect anything.

Not if you don’t change anything. The only possibly risky thing would be if you changed the MySQL password and some other tools relied on the old password (but Virtualmin will sync up for itself, so it won’t break Virtualmin to change the database password).

For the Mysql password part, I tick un-changed.

This is my first time update package for Virtualmin.

Now I know I can clear the cache and not doing post-installation again. I am not a technical person so thank you for the info.

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