RAM full, cannot access control panel

I not able to access the control panel, Help me please, Ram is full

Hello @jonathanduarte and welcome to the community.

You could free up RAM by stopping some processes. Fail2ban takes up a significant amount of RAM and can be safely stopped for a short time. Clam AV too, if you have it running (I don’t, for good reason). What else do you have running that you can do away with to free up RAM?

Thank yo for your help, I can not access the panel how could I access to solve it

Yes, since you cannot access Virtualmin you will have to use the command line interface. You do this by connecting to your Virtualmin server via SSH (or other option offered by your VPS hosting service provider) and once you login, issue the following command to stop Fail2ban:

sudo service fail2ban stop

It might be a good idea to follow that up with:

sudo service webmin restart

This should free up RAM and enable you to access the Virtualmin GUI


How much RAM do you actually have, and what are you trying to serve with what I’ll assume is a VPS (websites, databases, email, etc)?

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Thank you very much I have already been able to access Virtualmin access

Right, at this moment it is like this, what can I do to optimize this??


Okay, so that answers part of the question. What services are you using?

If you are attempting to run a full LAMP stack, host email, and DNS you will find that 1GB of RAM will simply not be enough.

Though, to actually provide assistance we will need to know about your usage of Virtualmin as the more services you attempt to run, the more RAM and CPU usage that will be required to run efficiently consistently.

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