Ram and Swap space consultation

Good morning,

I am checking the Ram memory in order to better understand the operation of the server, but I do not fully understand it. I currently have a VPS with 4 gigs of ram. According to the indicator it is used approximately at 50% as shown in the image (normally it is around 35-40%, I don’t know why it has been uploaded).

Looking at the ram breakdown I don’t understand anything, because the numbers added up are greater than the memory I have (I understand that it is not like that and I just don’t understand how it shows up).

I have also seen that Swap space is 0. Would I need to expand this? Do I do it directly from the command line? I have read that approximately the same should be added as the available ram in these cases. Is this recommended?

Thank you very much for your help.

Swapping is something else.
Here’s an easy explanation for your question:
https://www.linuxatemyram.com/ (that page is old, but sitll valid :smiley: ).


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