RAID1 with 2 SSD drives. Does it make sense?

I am installing a RAID1 system with two 500 G SSD drives on a Dell 610 server with RAID controller card and Ubuntu Server 20.04. As for the read speed, does is make any sense? In theory it should result on double reading speed, but does it work in real life? Has anybody ever tested it?
I am building a webserver designed to accommodate heavy loads of php scripts (minimal static content) and extensive SQL use. Will the RAID1 setup speed up the access to the SQL tables at all? Is it possible the executing the scripts takes takes much longer than accessing tha data from the SSD and the RAID1 setup will not improve the overall speed?

always. SSD’s wil die…they may be more reliable but they do fail. now raid is not a backup…but having a failover is always a good idea…and raid is cheap insurance. I would actually have raid 1 with a spare available on the controller. That way if an ssd dies the controller will grab that spare and rebuld the array…

Theoretically yes, RAID1 would definitely make sense for a conventional HDD setup. BUT statistics say that the failure rate of a RAID controller card is higher that the failure rate of an SSD drive. From this point RAID1 not reduces but increases the overall chance of a system failure.
As for the original question, does anybody have some real world comparison data of the read speed of RAID1 vs single disk setup? I mean in context of a Dell 610 web server with massive SQL load and 1GB/s internet speed?

raid1 isn’t about speed…but about redundancy. if you want faster speeds you will need to get a server with either a faster SAS bus OR an even newer one with nvme.

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