Rackspace is telling me Virtualmin is a virtualization platform

on a cloudserver at rackspace, i got a bare centos5.4 install and installed virtualmin. in virtualmin only one virtual server was created. nothing else was been installed. the server started to run slow after resizing it from 256mb to 512mb, and Rackspace blames Vitualmin being a virtualization platform, and therefore responsible for slowing down their cloud. below is a copy of their response on the ticket:

Since Cloud Servers are already a virtualized environment, the use for further virtualization is not supported, and it is, in fact, impacting I/O times for other customers on your host hardware. For this reason, I have had to shut down your Cloud Server. If you need further virtualization that what our Cloud Server already offer, you may wish to get in touch with our Managed division to inquire about our Private Cloud offering.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Jeff Pierce
Linux Administrator II, RHCE
The Rackspace Cloud

what a joke, there is even a tutorial BY RACKSPACE on how to install virtualmin on a cloudserver.


ouch! sounds like you need to find a new host


Just thought I’d mention, that’s a “wiki” page which means that the article was not necessarily written by RackSpace themselves.


wiki page author: Kelly Koehn: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/kelly-koehn/15/392/96B

even if it wasnt written by an employee: a rackspace (or anyone that calls themselves a) linux administrator should know that virtualmin is not a virtualization platform, especially when there is a wiki page on the company’s site explaining how to install such product in one of their cloud servers.