Quotas disabled when re-checking

**OS type and version:**Ubuntu 20.04
**Webmin version:**1.981
**Virtualmin version:**6.17-3
**Related products version:**GPL—

I had some problems with Postfix installation and the re-check configuration stopped at this point.
Now I have corrected the Postfix and made a re-check : it gave me an error about user ftp not having group ftp. I have created the group ftp and that’s ok.

The re-check runs completely but it has desactivated the Quotas I had on all sites !
When I try enabling quotas in Webmin / System / Disk Quotas on /home it gives me an error :

Failed to turn on quotas : quotaon: using /home/aquota.user on /dev/md126 [/home]: No such process quotaon: Quota format not supported in kernel.

I have a dedicated server with a brand new Ubuntu 20.04. Is it normal I can’t have the quotas ? I have migrated from CentOS 6.0 where everything was ok


The config check did not disable quotas. It just revealed quotas were already not available for some reason.

Quotas aren’t always available for a variety of reasons. Some virtualization types don’t support quotas, or need quotas to be enabled outside of the virtual machine (which Virtualmin can’t do for you, since it doesn’t have any access outside of the VM or container it’s running in). Some file systems don’t support quotas, or need some extra work to make them support quotas (e.g. XFS requires different boot options and a reboot from ext4).

I can’t guess why quotas aren’t available in your case. It may be a configuration problem, or it may be some file system we don’t handle correctly (or that doesn’t support quotas). You’ll have to let us know more about your system.

Hello Joe,
yes I understand the check didn’t disabled quotas but it removed quotas information because the quotas tool isn’t working on my server.
I thought it was a classic feature available on all servers : being able to define how much disk space for users seems to me quite “normal” on a server.
Here is the configuration of my server
Ubuntu 20.04

When I try to enable quotas on /home it says
Failed to turn on quotas : quotaon: using /home/aquota.user on /dev/md4 [/home]: No such process quotaon: Quota format not supported in kernel

Disk /home is

And the Raid Array

Maybe it can help you tell me why I can’t have quotas :slight_smile:

I don’t know. Googling turns up this conversation on ServerFault. Maybe that applies to your situation, or maybe not.

It’s not a problem I’ve seen, specifically.

Yes I had seen this topic but it’s too complicated for me :frowning:
I think I’ll stay without quotas if there’s no easy solution

Well I have found an interesting article :

I have tested and I had not the good modules. I have installed the

sudo apt install linux-image-extra-virtual

and enabled the quotas in Webmin and it was ok !

The issue now is that i had restored Virtualmin Servers which had ratios, ratios had been removed because the check of Virtualmin detected that they were not working anymore and I would like now to add them back to the servers.

Most of them are default to 300GB but I don’t find where I can change ratio for users. See what I got now

On Virtual Server Summary, it seems ok

But on the admin user (only user of this virtual server) I don’t have any quota nor disk space used

Is there a way to “reset” the disk quotas or just to change it for users ?

And when I’m looking at Edit Virtual Servers, I can see the quotas but the space used is 0. Is there something to do to make the system know the space used after having enabled the quotas ?

(home disk space should not be 0, there are files on it but maybe that’s because I have just enabled quotas)

Thanks, my server is almost perfect now

Oh sorry, I have found in
Disk Quotas / /home / Check Quotas
And it has calculated all disk spaces and I see where to change the quotas now and set the defaults.
It seems perfect !

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