Quota system in 3.52 GPL

Virtualmin’s quota tools don’t seem to work in 3.52 GPL on Debian 4.0. If I change a quota using Virtualmin’s “Edit Virtual Server” section, the quota changes in the System Information page, but the actual disk quota is unaffected.

I am able to change and set quota’s using Webmin’s “Disk Quotas” section; that seems to work fine.

Is this just a bug, or does anyone think something is set wrong on my setup? Thanks!

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Well, I’m bumping this. Disk quotas are running well and good via the standard Webmin interface, or via command line. The virtualmin facilities don’t have any impact on the quotas whatsoever.

Are quotas just broken for 3.52GPL and Debian 4.0? Should I file a bug?

If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck…etc. I’d file a bug. :wink:

Will do. Bug report is here:


This is the only major issue I have really found in my install, so I’d say overall Virtualmin is doing great.


Either this was fixed in 3.53 GPL, or doing the update fixing something on my system. In any case, everything seems to work great now.

I have using the last version of virtualmin and this bug still. You change the quota on the site and the real quota dont change. :(I corrupt my database and lose some files to discover that.