Quota Display issue


I’ve an issue with the virtualmin quota display.
Quota seems to work on my system but when I go on the main page, all my virtual server are displaying 0%.

When i edit each off them I get this type of message:

Home disk space used (including sub-servers) -25.54 MB (87.95 MB by server administrator, 153.37 MB by mail / FTP users)
Space used by databases 25.54 MB (25.54 MB in this server, 0 bytes in sub-servers)

Looks like it doesn’t make the sum between the mail /FTP users quote and the server administrator’s one and juste remove the quote of the database.

Any idea ?
Thanks for your help.


Couldn’t this issue be related to this one ? https://www.virtualmin.com/node/12689

They could be related… it sounds like Webmin has some issues with quota formatting on Ubuntu 10.10, and that could be affecting the output you’re seeing.

I’d be curious if this issue is fixed up after Jamie releases the next Webmin version (which will fix the quota formatting).


that’s exactly what i’m asking :slight_smile:
So “wait and see” ^^

Do have an idea when the next version will be released ? (Days, Weeks, Months ?)


Hello AVB,

I just opened a ticket regarding this issue because it occurs even after a fresh install:


Feel free to contribute your system specs :smiley: