Quota display for users

Something I really like in my old (over 20 years) mail server is this display about the user.

Allows me to check if they have it working, how active they are etc.


Any chance of adding something like this?

I find it very helpful to see if new accounts are working, or whether accounts are inactive or even have never been accessed.

It’s just the bottom section of the image that I am asking about.

Which image?
As far as I can see User Quota is already displayed (but perhaps I’ve added that in the theme settings) It is also available to view when editing a user.

The Mailbox information, the bottom 1/3 of the screen shot…

When created, when accessed (important for me), number of mails currently, daily message count and when the last one was (also important to me).

Total messages are of interest, but not important.

As mentioned, this information is a quick way for me to see if someone has stopped logging in, or whether they have started to log in if it’s a new account, could also indicate a big spam attack etc.

Thanks for taking an interest.

I cannot see any screen shot [edit] now I can!

I now see what you mean. I think most of that is available elsewhere already but just not all in one place. perhaps a summary table of users per domain with those fields? Not sure just how much extra work that would involve.

As an example, I am tidying up email accounts.

I have just come across one that has not had any email since June 2019 though it was last checked 3 days ago - Friday. Domain owners confirm that the account can get deleted.

Another account at the same domain hasn’t been checked for a month and last email was 12 days ago. Not remarkable, but turns out that staff member has left so can also be deleted.

Neither case do they think to advise of staff changes.

Would be handy thing. I can search logs for last pop/imap login. but a quick stat screen would be good.

I think that happens a lot (especially with staff leaving) and HR departments not having a process in place to notify people who need to know.

In such cases it would be good to gracefully notify correspondents who still believe that the mailbox is live (an auto responder) or at least delete the mailbox (bounce)

Manually seeking them out - obtaining confirmation from HR (maybe even the user! - it could contain private data - policies/procedures) is a chore.
Even worse where you have multiple domains and you have (absent/changing) domain owners.

So gets my vote.

Your proposal is very good and allows a constant sanitization in the e-mail accounts.
This proposal has my vote.
As for communication to other departments of a company these emails should have dependencies, previously defined copies for emails from the company’s personnel administrators.

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