Quickstatus: A simple server monitor for Virtualmin that notifies via ntfy.sh

I wrote this for myself, but it’s useful for anyone. It relies on ntfy.sh’s service which can send push notifications to your phone. Once you have that set up, put quickstatus.sh in /usr/local/bin, chmod it to 700, and create a cron job for it to run every 10 minutes. If it detects a service down, it’ll iterate through the number of retries you specify and then alert you if it wasn’t a false positive (which Dovecot seems to be prone to specifically).

I hope it’s useful to somebody other than myself :slight_smile:


very nice @geocrasher :+1:t2: I use telegram bot for this purpose it’s very very flexible. beforehand I used gotify. I think your script is very useful for folks who doesn’t use telegram or other instant messaging crap :wink:

Oh you could certainly use it with anything you want. You could even have it tweet your server status lol. The notification options are pretty endless, just takes a bit of bash coding :slight_smile:

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