Quick question about minimal install.

I’ve got a fc6 machine which runs my dns/mail and my rhel5 machine which runs my web/mysql. Both of them are setup and configured (for the most part) and running well. I was wondering if there was a way to manually install virtualmin.

For my rhel5 machine, I only need the web/mysql interface and likewise just a few portions for the other machine. If possible I’d like to not have to install all the rpms and go through an remove them one by one. But I guess its not the end of the world if I do.

Is it worth trying the install by hand?

  • Andrew

So I take it that there is no option via the install.sh to select the specific applications wanted, versus a full install so for?

Are there plans for for a feature like this in the future? When I make a new minimal system, I’d rather not install all the rpm’s but just the ones I need. Sorry if this is redundent.

  • Andrew

Hey Andrew,

Sorry for the slow reply. I’ve been hit with a summer cold, and every weekend my broadband (Google WiFi) goes down. Life is hard sometimes. :wink:

OK, so let’s tackle this one bit at a time:

For just MySQL, you don’t need any of Virtualmin. Webmin (a single RPM, and a free one at that) is all you need, plus the relevant MySQL binaries.

There are several other "just one service" possibilities that only require the service and Webmin. BIND Cluster Slave features are the obvious first mention, but both databases can also be branched off that way (not just MySQL…PostgreSQL can likewise live standalone). Secondary hold and forward mail service can also be setup with just a minimal set of components (Postfix, Webmin, and Virtualmin) and all of the other stuff would be unnecessary.