Quick overview own written content missing

Suggestion to have in Menu also own user content links, so quick finding some lates own reactions.

If it is there i can’t find it then sorry.


It’s a little bit unclear what you mean? Could you provide a screenshot and explain it in other words?

I mean sorry a quick overview via hamburger menu of the own posts for users.

It is after many newer posts hard to find, the topics a user self did a post.

Also if have to remember yourself where as user id posted a reply is hard for olderly as me haha :wink:

So if you click on that link /button posts for the user are in search results ordered by date

Even maybe for if clicking on users find latest post of that user

The only way i can find now is bookmarks right?

I thought, that you already have all that you are talking about, by simply clicking on the icon (your avatar) next to mentioned “hamburger” menu? :slightly_smiling_face:

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I did find that but missing also reactions from me in new forum here.

But maybe this is while the topic start itself was in old forum?

I’m not sure, but your guess is probably right. But, you should see a little number next to your avatar in the top right corner showing number of replied topics you have, and when you click your avatar it should list all the subjects that have been replied to. I don’t think you have to turn anything on to get that behavior, but it may only apply to topics created after the switch to discourse…but, you can click the bell icon :bell: on the right side of a topic to “watch” that topic. Replying to a topic automatically turns watching on, I think, unless configured to do otherwise.

OK thanks. (so i understand now and is ok. , also the bookmarks icon could be of help here, for the ones with to short memory) :zzz:

Al best wishes for 2020 :fireworks:

nah menu on this site is ok… it keeps you focused on forums however I think @Jfro means other links on main website? Perhaps adding button somewhere to main site could be uhm helpful or something…

Oh, yeah, that’s a good idea. The main site user page does need a link over to here. I don’t know if there’s a way to integrate via API a list of active topics into the user page in Drupal…that’d be really nice, but since we’re moving out of Drupal completely in the next few weeks, I don’t want to commit too much time to it if it isn’t super simple. But, I can try to at least make a link something like “My Topics in the Forum” or whatever…