Questions about Mailman

Hi all, I have virtualmin 1.782 on a debian jessie.
I notice that creating a new virtualhost, there’s not the possibility the enable Mailman module even tough mailman it’s installed.

aptitude search mailman
p gforge-lists-mailman
i mailman
p mailman-api
i webmin-virtualmin-mailman

Could you help me understanding how to enable it?

Thank you.


What happens when trying to enable Mailman? Do you receive an error of some kind?


How can I enable Mailman modules?
Check this image please

Can you send an image about the problem when you try to run mailman?
If it’s about a mailman list, you have to create it on Webmin>Servers>Mailman

Thank you for your answer.
I expected to mange mailman in the virtualmin section.
I went on webmin/servers/virtluammin mailman mailing lists and created the mailman mailing list.
I got an error about a missing directory: I had to ‘mkdir /var/lock/mailman’.
So my first question has already been answered :slight_smile:

My goal is to have a subdomain ( to use with mailman.
The reason is that the e-mail for ‘’ are managed by another mailserver (so it has a different mx record).
But I with to manage mailing lists with virtualmin, so I need another mx record associated with a sub domain.

Right now I have two problems:

  1. mailman asked me to create a list named 'mailman'. As mention before I got an error during that procedure. Right now the 'mailman' list exist but is associated with no domain. (I don't know if that may be a problem or not).
  2. In the section 'add mailing list' I can't select the sub-domain, only the primary ones.