Questiong for the other hosts here

I am looking to biuld the following within the next year if my plans work out:

2 client servers
2 dns servers

this is 4 physical servers not vm’s by the way. If my plans work out i will need a second server but instead of running DNS on the client servers I wnat to have two separeate dns servers that handle the dns request for hte two client servers.

My ultimate goal is to get another physical server and offload MySql and get it off the client web servers. my service does NOT rpivde email services so i am not worried about that. Would it be virt on each mahcine with cloudmin as the management tool for them? I wnat to be able to log into one mahicne…isetup a lcient account on whichever server i want…and have it provisioned…like it does when a single mahcine runs everything uder virt. Can virt handle a multi-server arragement? If not this arrangement can cloudmin be setup to manage multiple mahcine…i would like to have the two dns servers on their own if possible…:slight_smile:

CAn’t help

But question is there a important reason you want to have and do dns yourself, and not using external dns services mostly better performing?

I’m somene who has been using Virtualmin to offer shared web hosting for many years.

Virtualmin can do this quite easily and seamlessly, the using on one or more web optimized servers running Virtualmin and a database optimized server running Virtualmin on a separate machine. On the web optimized servers, you simply specify the database optimized server’s IP address as the remote host and supply the MySQL root password. Virtualmin will then treat the remote MySQL server just as it does a local server and create databases with the correct access control for all your clients.

Virtualmin is quite adequate for your remote database server requirement. Virtualmin on the two web optimized servers and Virtualmin on the database optimized server will work happily with each other once you configure them correctly.

For your stand-alone DNS servers, you could use Virtualmin or if the specs of the DNS servers are modest, you could simply install Webmin (without all the rest of the stuff that Virtualmin brings, which you do not need on a stand-alone DNS server) and again Virtualmin will work seamlessly with Webmin when it is used as a slave DNS.

Cloudmin is a tool for managing virtuaiztion and you could use it though I don’t think you need it for the ecosystem that you have described.

can i use one virt instance to manage everything? I am trying to avoid logging into each machine individually…i can if i have to…jsut trying to simply virt administration…:slight_smile:

Of course you can use one instance of Virtualmin to manage everything - web, databases and DNS. This is exactly the use case that Virtualmin is intended to address.

@calport is absolutely right, but I think @hescominsoon is asking about some form of bastion/login island/orchestration server, to control the others - anyway the answer is also yes. You need a Cloudmin master node (never tried it virtualized - but maybe you shouldn’t, long story - and a preference of mine). If you are using Cloudmin (Pro, that is) it can take off the burden, but sometimes not as you think.

For example you can run mass commands, updates, reboots and such, even get info about down services right from the list of servers. But if there is some problem you still have to get to that server, in the form of clicking a link in the menu, and you get a tunnel to that server, to its own Webmin. No login though and no other hassles, so all of these are a huge win.

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