Question on using System Software Packages to install Redis PHP extension

Hi, I’m using Webmin’s System>Software Packages to install Redis PHP extension.
It seems that there is no option for one-click installation.
I previously used cPanel, I will simply selected redis and click install button, then everything is done.

Does Virtualmin have the same functionality? Or am I in the wrong place for installing Redis?

OS type and version Ubuntu22
Virtualmin version 7.9

This has been asked before

I have Redis installed on a VM. I used the Redis Install docs. (nothing to do with Virtualmin)
It works just fine.

I cannot speak for Redis PHP extension. I use NodeJS applications there. Though can’t see what the problem might be.

Do you mean whether I can only use command line to install Redis PHP extension?
Virtualmin doesn’t have built-in functionality to install Redis extension?
I remember cPanel has one-click installation for Redis extension.

No it does not. Please read the post I linked to.

I read that post and found that there is no Webmin or Virtualmin module for Redis.
So probably the only way to install Redis PHP extension is to use command line.