Question on deploying multiple sites on the same server

Hi, I have only one server and I want to deploy three WordPress sites on that server.
I have already added one server in my Virtualmin, and on that server I didn’t find option to add more domain.
I found that I can only “Add Server” if I want to deploy more sites in this panel.
However, as per my knowledge, adding more server may not be correct, I would consider one IP address as one server.
However, to my current server, Virtualmin seems not to let me add more domains.

OS type and version Ubuntu 22
Virtualmin version 7.9

I will try to clarify

What you call a “server” is generally known as a “Virtual Machine” (VM)
it is a physical “box” usually supplied by a cloud service provider (but can be an actual computer)
This “box” (VM) has an operating system installed on it (OS).

On this you install a system management tool (Webmin/Virtualmin) it has at least one IP.
You set this up with a webserver (just one) either Apache or Nginx at installation.

Webmin gives you a GUI to manage the OS.
Virtualmin gives you a GUI to manage one or more “virtual servers” (VS).

Each VS enables you to manage a domain. (its applications - eg. Wordpress, databases - eg. MariaDB and email)

So for each domain you Create a Virtual Server

You can add as many domains as you want. “Create Virtual Server” is what you want. Virtualmin calls a domain “Virtual Server”. It’s an accident of history, and we understand it’s a bit confusing since many folks use that to mean a “Virtual Machine”. Virtualmin does not manage virtual machines…anything you see in Virtualmin is about shared virtual hosting (VirtualHosts in Apache, virtual maps in Postfix, etc.). (Though I would also contend “domain” is confusing in this context, too.)

If you want it to be owned by an existing domain (Virtual Server), you can make the new one a Sub-server of an existing Virtual Server. Otherwise, just create a new one. If you are the only admin on the system, I recommend you create every new domain as its own Virtual Server. If you want others to manage their own domains without having the ability to manage other domains on the system, the Sub-servers (or Reseller accounts, found in Virtualmin Pro) become useful.

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Add Servers is about turning a manually configured VirtualHost into a Virtualmin Virtual Server (Import), migrating backups from other control panels (cPanel, Plesk and maybe one or two others, which is Migrate), and batch creating many Virtual Servers from a file in a specific format.

Since you’re starting with no previous experience with Virtualmin, and the docs aren’t helping, you might find our intro videos helpful:

They’re a few years old, but little has changed in the basics of installation, initial configuration and creating/managing domains.

Thanks! I like using Virtualmin.