[Question] Is this setup possible with Cloudmin?

I’m buying a new server from kimsufi.ie next month, and I’m wondering if the following setup is do-able with Cloudmin?

Basically, I will get a pre-configured version of ubuntu 8.04, with a default hostname and IP from ovh, onto which I will add 3 domains, with seperate IP’s each. I want to host each domain (including it’s subdomains) in seperate Xen instances, with the websites stored in /var/www/example.com, /var/www/test.example.com, etc, owned by www-data (apache user), with my /home partition NFS mounted from the main ovh server into each of the Xen instances, with users shared accross the domains via LDAP (assuming I can adapt the old LDAP tutorial for Virtualmin to Cloudmin)

I know this may seem a silly setup to some peeople, but I have my reasons, primarily that the main web apps I’m using are rtorrent + wtorrent (want them both running under www-data, easiest to run from /var/www), xdccparser, possibly a forum, and I don’t want to be clogging up the /home folder with websites, I want to quota all websites elsewhere (I will probably make /var it’s own partition to ease this), I only want the /home folders to contain user’s torrents and such.

So, there’s my question, can I create this sort of setup with Cloudmin? Will it be hard to do (considering I use Virtualmin atm, all logins running via LDAP so I can link my system users to my web apps)? Is this sorta what Cloudmin is supposed to do (excluding the /home network mount)?

Lastly, if this is feasible, and anyone wnats to drop a few pointers, I would appreciate that, and I might even write up a guide on the setup afterwards :smiley:

Cloudmin’s roll in all this is to make it super-easy to create and manage the VPS’s themselves, as well as providing a central control panel that links Virtualmin on each VPS.

Once you’ve created the VPS’s with Cloudmin, it’s then up to you to configure the contents of the individual VPS the way you’d like (be it LDAP, NFS, alternate DocumentRoot’s, and the like).

I don’t believe Cloudmin is going to care that you’re using LDAP; I think that’s more of a VPS-specific (and perhaps Virtualmin-specific) issue that you’ll have to tackle.

It sounds like you just need an LDAP master/slave setup here; you’d probably setup each VPS to be an LDAP slave, with your Cloudmin server being the master. Any changes done to the slaves (ie, in the VPS) would replicate to the master.

Similar with using /var/www/example.com as your DocumentRoot; if you really want to put files there, that’s fine, but that’s also a Virtualmin thing, not a Cloudmin thing.

So, you could use Cloudmin to fire up those VPS’s – install Virtualmin, and then configure Virtualmin to handle your alternate DocumentRoot.

For Virtualmin to handle that DocumentRoot, you’ll need to either disable suexec for those particular Virtual Servers (it sounds like you’ll then have other Virtual Servers that would be in /home, which could make use of suexec).