Question about spam & viruses in new domain

OS type and version ubuntu 22.04
Webmin version 2021
Virtualmin version 7.7
hello to everybody
i work with server x 5 years, but tis is my first time with Virtualmin.
i am really impress, interfase is mory complex, but skill are amazing
i my case i tried to undestand how to set anti spam policies.
in theory, a set every in the initial set up process, but i wont receive any spam mail.
i must to say taht i migrate one of my domain from the old server to this, and in the past i receive a lot of spam.
i see that spam filter redirect spam and virus to specific folder, but this folder are not exist
visrtual min create them the fisrt time or i need to create
i add more vistual server and i watch that spam & virus folder does not exist
tx in advance

Hi, and welcome.
First up: do not confuse spam and virus - they are not the same.
Sure a spam email “could” contain a virus (but you will need to download the executable - usually by following a link in the email (someone opens the email on their computer) so on your server you don’t do that do you?

Spam is just junk. It should be treated as such and promptly destroyed. The trick is getting your email filters to identify (learn, recognise) what is junk and what is not. That is done through Services -> SpamAssassin Configuration and a lot of work. Remember one user’s spam might be another user’s livelihood!

For that reason I prefer to leave it up to the user (client email) to apply spam filters and an Antivirus solution on their own computers.

tx stegan
yes i agree with you
in the past in my “old” server i always use default setting for spam and i get a razonable success, but i dont know if in virtualmin default settings to identify spam or i need to config something
also, i check maildir structure, and i 5 of 6 cases, .junk folder does´nt exist and in the 6 case i see to folders, .Junk and .Junkbox. could you explain me this behavior?

just to check Edit Users for the odd user. Edit User -> Email Settings -> Check email for spam at the moment I can’t remember where to set the destination name (might be in Usermin where I’m less familiar).

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