Question about Server Owner Limits

Just wanted to confirm, are the limits set only applicable to the Server Owner when logged into Virtualmin or is it actually set to the Virtual Server settings itself? I mean all the options for:

  • Virtualmin limits for server owner
  • Allowed capabilities and features

I am trying to provide managed hosting service to some of my clients, so I would like to disallow most of the options, but only allow them to view site stats. But me being the “root” user, should be able to do whatever I need, for example:

Maximum allowed virtual servers is set to “Cannot Create” for the Server Owner, but I (root) should be able to add unlimited virtual servers. As I understand, this is the way how it works, correct?

Thank you!


Yeah, disabling those options in the Server Limits area is generally just preventing the account owner from doing those things. The root user should still be able to do that.

If you disable a feature from a domain (such as in Edit Virtual Server -> Enabled Features), that feature isn’t available to anyone, including root, unless that feature is first enabled.

But the Owner Limits are primarily a means of limiting actions the account owners can do. And you can also enable them on a case-by-case basis for some account owners if there’s some who should have that functionality.

And you’re correct, the root user is allowed to exceed the maximum Virtual Servers for an account. That limit only applies to the account owner.


Thank you so much for the details! Just one more question, are these options the same:

  1. Virtualmin > Administration Options > Server Owner Limits > Allowed features for servers

  2. Virtualmin > Edit Virtual Server > Enabled features

It seems most options are overlapping and some are not? Is option 1. generic options for the site owner permissions and option 2. for actual individual virtual server options?

Sorry for so many questions :slight_smile:


The “Enabled features” options describe what features are, or aren’t, enabled for that account.

When using the root user, you can adjust any available features.

However, by tweaking “Allowed features for servers”, you can set what features the account owner is allowed to tweak.

If you uncheck “SSL website” in “Allowed features for servers” , for example, you can prevent an account owner from enabling SSL on any domain, which means the root user would need to do it.