Question about conventional proxy server

Hello how are you? I’m new here, I just have one question, I would like to know if it’s possible to use Virtualmin to manage more easily, conventional proxies, used in the internet and browser settings to change the ip, and if it’s possible to define a different user and password for every new proxy ip?

You likely want Webmin, not Virtualmin. Virtualmin is a web hosting control panel, and only reverse proxies have anything to do with web hosting.

Webmin has a very good Squid module, though I’m not at all confident the Squid module is up to date with recent Squid versions (though configuration of Squid hasn’t changed a whole lot since I used to work on it). I think there also used to be one or two other proxy modules for Webmin, but Squid is the only one I know anything about.

I don’t understand your question about what you’re trying to accomplish (“different user and password for every new proxy ip” doesn’t make sense to me), so I can’t offer any guidance on that, but Squid supports a wide variety of authentication options.

Thanks for the reply Joe,
My question about authentication would be to be able to set a different user and password for each ip.

Because a company that sells proxy today, you buy, for example, 10 proxies,

each proxy will come with a
Different IP, Port, Username and Password

Example: : 3128 : user1 : password1

321.321.321.32 : 3128 : user2 : password2.


but i will research more about webmin and squid.

This explanation is even more confusing than the last. I literally cannot even make a guess about what you’re trying to do. Set a different user and password for each IP where?

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