Question about Backs to Amazon S3 bucket

I want to backup my servers to my newly
opened Amazon S3 account.

On the form there is the following question with a
tick box already ticked.

"Transfer each virtual server after it is backed up"

What does this mean ?

Well, that option is a link – which if you click that, offers the following help:

"f this box is checked and you are performing a backup to a remote FTP or SSH server in the new format, the file for each virtual server will be transfered after it is created. This saves on local disk space, but runs the risk of transferring an incomplete backup if some virtual servers fail. "

Essentially, if it’s checked, that means that Virtualmin will create an archive for a Virtual Server, copy it to the backup destination, delete the local archive, then begin that same process for the next Virtual Server.

If it’s not checked, Virtualmin will create all the archives for all the Virtual Servers at once, transfer them all at once, then delete them.

The later takes up more disk space.