Qmail+LDAP needing to create ou=domain.com parent in ldap?


I am attempting to deploy virtualmin in such a fashion that I can have virtualmin run on a ‘resource server’ and all of my actual servers (web/mail/dns) can reflect data changed in one virtualmin config, but let me replicate to any number of machines. So far so good, using LDAP, NFS, and MySQL, but ive run into a small issue.

I selected Qmail+LDAP since postfix+ldap is not available yet, so that virtualmin will enter users email information into the ldap database. I kind of ‘tricked’ virtualmin by doing this, because i dont actually run qmail at all! I run postfix on my mail server, but it in turn points to my ldap server, which reads data out of the qmail schema. It almost works completely flawlessly, except postfix (like any other mta) wants to look up a list of locally handled domains before investigating if the RCPT address is valid.

Virtualmin’s qmail+ldap handler currently does not enter data into the database the way it should be, so it would seem. I set my base dn to ou=users,dc=company,dc=com, and it creates entries such as:


with, say, an entry inside like:


Unfortunately, there is no value in the user record that contains simply ‘somesite.com’ so i have no way of looking up a list of domains (postfix speak: virtuals, qmail speak: locals) that it should allow relaying to. From what I can determine, based on the postfix config that i found, if i am using a qmail schema, it should have done this:


This way, it keeps the LDAP directory alot cleaner, and also allows postfix to look up its list of virtual domains, simply by searching for ou=< requested domain] in ou=users,dc=company,dc=com

Is there anyone out there who might be able to help me implement this in virtualmin’s qmail+ldap plugin? Or maybe someone who already has?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, even if its just an opinion on how i might go about implementing this.

Thank you!