installation issues


I am currently setting up a installation on Virtualmin (Ubuntu 12.04.4). At the beginning, the diagnostic tool reports prior the installation the following errors:

You should disable php output_buffering parameter for better performances with Pydio.

You must set a correct charset encoding in your locale definition in the form: en_us.UTF-8. Please refer to setlocale man page. If your detected locale is C, please check the F.A.Q… Detected locale: C (using UTF-8)

I googled both, but apparently I am not able to set it up properly. I went to Services -> Configure Website -> Languages -> Character set for documents and entered UTF-8. Didn´t do the trick. For testing, I changed “Default language for files” and “Languagfe priority for multi-files” also to UTF-8. Didn´t do the trick (yes, I clicked Apply and restarted apache afterwards).

I didn´t find anything appropriate for the output buffer problem.

Maybe somebody of you gurus can help or point me towards a resolution?

Thanks a lot in advance,

Ps.: I read lot that these settings are not that important, but as the customer is very big and very picky, I´d like to do my best to prevent any unwanted behaviour and problems in advance.