Purge some sticky topics


There are a lot of sticky topics in the forum that are not relevant anymore and should be unstuck.

An example, in the Webmin category there is a sticky for the File manager for Webmin, this hails from when Filemin was merged into Webmin (i think). The last post was in 2020 and the topic is closed.

Sure it would be nice to have (and probably much more) but unless there is someone dedicated to cleaning out such things (a moderator) I am not sure that staff have that much time to spare.

It is not just sticky topics. there are a lot of “solutions” and other closed "topics with no solution that are out of date or of no future value, and all they do is create fodder for AI search nonsense and search engines - and don’t start me on those and out-of-date websites.

Never noticed that before, maybe its a old setting. If you click on the sticky pin (so it faces down) it will go away.

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That’s a good idea, but I don’t know how…I don’t see the stickied topics anymore (once viewed, they’re allowed to slide away). I don’t even know what’s been pinned.

Found it. You can search for in:pinned to get a list.

I only found a few, though (I don’t think 4 is “a lot”). Most of the pinned topics are the category descriptions, which should be pinned so new users see them first. Anyway, I unpinned those four, and now the Guidelines and the category descriptions are all that remain pinned.

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You could always use incognito mode on your browser.

Thanks for clearing these up.

There is a setting to unpin once you reach the bottom of a subject. I think once you are logged in you can also manually unpin something. Personally I usually use the ‘latest’ tab so i don’t see these anyhow.

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