ptr records

hi guys,

when i perform an mxtoolbox lookup for my new server here is the result…

SMTP Banner Check Reverse DNS does not match SMTP Banner

SMTP Connection Time 7.098 seconds - Warning on Connection time

SMTP Transaction Time 9.625 seconds - Not good! on Transaction Time

SMTP Reverse DNS Mismatch OK - 35.x.x.x resolves to

SMTP Valid Hostname OK - Reverse DNS is a valid Hostname

SMTP TLS OK - Supports TLS.

SMTP Open Relay OK - Not an open relay.

(i have altered my actual ip adress to 35.x.x.x)

a quick search of forums and i found a bit of help with ptr records…

Peter wrote…

"The party who “owns” (not to be confused with the party “using”) the IP addresses (the “data center”) is the one who controls the PTR record, unless they have specifically delegated this role to you, which is rarely the case.

Some data centers offer a control panel to facilitate the updating of the PTR record in their DNS zone (such is the case with ours), and others will adjust and/or create the record on request."

So my question, is this still the case when one is using Google Cloud, Amazon, or Azure? I am using Google Cloud, so who is in charge of assigning the ptr so that my email reverse dns is going to work in this situation?

I may be missing the point here…Google Cloud does have a DNS API where i believe i can setup dns records, however, can i also just do this directly from webmin/virtualmin with BIND dns server when on a cloud network such as GC?

And just to potentially throw a spanner in the works…do i even need to worry about this on Google Cloud Compute, ie is what i am seeing in mxtoolbox just a warning and everything is ok???

If you are serious provider, you need valid rDNS/PTR records. It is important point for your outgoing emails.
Check with your hosting provider / DC the possibility of editing custom PTR for your IP address.

You’re not sending mail to other servers. You don’t care about PTR records.

GC won’t let you send mail directly to other servers; you must go through an intermediary. The intermediary is the one that needs good records, as far as I know. And, I’m certain they won’t delegate PTR to you (since their IPs move around all the time), but they probably have valid PTR records, which is all that really matters (there’s a belief out there that the PTR needs to match your domain, but that’s never been my experience…if it exists, and resolves back to the right IP, it’s fine).