PTR Record Configuration

Hi All,

I’m attempting to configure my PTR records via Virtualmin and am not exactly sure how to do it.

I created the PTR DNS Record and entered the following fields:

Record Name:

Reverse Address: my.ip.number

However, when I did a reverse lookup, with, nothing comes up. Am I leaving something out or does it just take a while to go through?

Thanks in advance!


In most cases, PTR records can only be set by your ISP. What you’d usually need to do is either give them a call and have them set it, or many ISP’s provide a web interface that allows you to set that.

There’s a handful of cases where ISP’s might delegate that to you in order to allow you to set that, but that’s fairly rare. I suspect the solution in your case would be to contact your provider and work with them to get your PTR records all setup.